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The largest music streaming service in the Metaverse – Spotify Island

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The video game popular with young gamers Roblox makes it possible to create virtual environments using the Lua programming language, which can then be played by other players. The game worlds are built from Lego-like blocks.

In front Spotify already had big global brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren and VISA Metaverse initiatives launched in cooperation with the game. Spotify also recently partnered with Roblox to explore the potential of the Metaverse. The result: Spotify Island.

Spotify Island: what is there to discover?

Players can on Spotify Island Complete interactive missions to unlock exclusive streaming platform content. Those familiar with the streaming service will also notice some familiar shapes, colors, and icons on Spotify Island. For example, you can collect the heart-shaped “Spotify Like” icon and exchange it for merch. These items allow fans to interact with the brand in a whole new way. Numerous tutorials on YouTube show exactly which tasks you have to fulfill in order to receive all virtual prizes.

The Spotify main island is already open, from here players can start their journey to other themed worlds. As the year progresses, Spotify plans to steadily expand the Metaverse to include other themed smaller worlds. These worlds will be filled with exclusive content, artist interactions, and themed mini-quests. Fans of the artists represented on Spotify and curious explorers will get their money’s worth here.

With this interactive world we are creating a place where fans can connect and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces and have access to exclusive virtual products. Spotify Island is an audio haven that has it all.

Spotify press release

The first theme world fans can expect to see on Spotify Island is K-Park, a homage to the K-pop genre. Later this spring, K-Park will give fans the opportunity to interact with superstars Stray Kids and SUNMI.

Spotify Island visitors can enjoy, or even participate in, the immersive audio experience. About virtual beatmaker stations from sound trap players can create their own music or explore sounds.

Soundtrap is a cross-platform online DAW (digital audio workstation) that allows users to collaboratively create music or podcasts right in the browser. Soundtrap was bought by Spotify back in 2017 and is integrated into the Metaverse via an API.

Artists and musicians should also be able to benefit from Spotify’s Metaverse, the company promises on Twitter.

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