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New record for $ CRO, bulls awaiting Cronos

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$ CRO, the cryptocurrency of strikes again. New all-time high in one bull run which now has all the characteristics of unstoppable – while in a few days there will be one of the most important beginnings in terms of technology.

Shopping continues in preparation for the arrival of Cronos – which we will analyze in depth precisely in our in-depth analysis – for an upward trend also in contrast to the lateral movements which for now are dominating the market of the main cryptocurrencies for marketcap.

The bullish pressures on $ CRO continue – here’s what’s happening

The great growth of the it has two fundamental reasons. The first is of a technical nature, with the graph that still seems to leave much room for possible growth. Which prompted the most technical of trader to take a stand long trying to ride what was a clearly bullish situation. Technical situation on which we will return later, now dealing with what are the external factors that are pushing $ CRO up.

  • Great success for UFC-related NFTs

The diffusion campaign of the packs of NFT related to UFC it was a great success – sold out within hours. A sign that the platform too marketplace from NFT – which already involves large groups, brands and artists, is fully functional, technically and commercially.

  • Engines ready for the arrival of the Cronos mainnet

Event of which we have already spoken and which will occur immediately after the weekend, with the arrival of one of the most important technological improvements in the history of Because we will have one chain linked to the project, with compatibility with the EVM from ETH, which will allow the entire project to take on an effective relevance also in the world of decentralized finance. The launch is now a matter of days, with the appointment set for next Monday.

$ CRO technical analysis: moving averages and indicators to understand next week’s trend

Bull runs of this type can – rightly – give rise to evaluations in the opposite direction. It is only natural to expect some sort of correction – which, however, must be confirmed, in its possibility, also by thetechnical analysis. We have applied moving averages and indicators to evaluate the position of $ CRO over the next week.

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The 1-week moving averages on $ CRO

Moving averages which all indicate the possibility that the bull run which led $ CRO to its new all-time high continue without too many problems. However, this must also be compared with the indicators most used by analysts.

1 week $ CRO technical indicators

Also in this case the picture is more than encouraging and suggests the possibility that next week it will be kissed by fortune for the world of Without forgetting that overall the performance of the crypto-assets that are linked to the best exchanges are all recording excellent performances. Just look at what is also happening at Binance with his $ BNB.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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