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Now you can hunt Bitcoins in Minecraft – SatoshiQuest

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Minecraft is a well-known global “dice” game that has gained popularity with several million players around the world. Now there is a new game – SatoshiQuest, where you can hunt bitcoin treasure.

Now you can hunt Bitcoins in Minecraft - SatoshiQuest

 Satoshi’s treasure in Minecraft


The game was created by an anonymous developer, hiding under the name Bitcoin Jake. At his reddit he posted a post claiming that if one of the players gets close to the treasure, his location is announced to all other players. After finding the treasure, the game will reset.


For just one dollar, players can buy life and compete with others to find the treasure. SatoshiQuest is a Battle Royale game and the proceeds go to the fund for a possible winner.


SatoshiQuest is a 100% open source game found on GitHub. Each player has a unique wallet with Minecraft player ID and all transactions are stored on the blockchain. Fans of cryptocurrencies and Minecraft may be thrilled.


Similar attempts to connect Bitcoin with Minecraft were already in 2014 thanks to attempts to exchange emeralds for microbitcoins via Xapo wallet. Everything ended with big fees.




SatoshiQuest is an interesting attempt to combine gaming fun and cryptocurrency. However, the problem arises with high fees, which could be solved in the future using the Lightning Network.

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