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Ray Dalio: BTC has stood the test of time

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US billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio agreed with his fellow billionaire Bill Miller that 1-2% of his net profit should be allocated to BTC.

Ray Dalio: The government wants a monopoly on its currency

In addition, Dalio noted that it is more difficult to compete in the markets than to participate in the Olympics:

More and more people are trying and devoting more resources to it.

He talked about it in his new book, which is a macroeconomic explanation for why BTC will become a $ 10 trillion asset.

Many members of the croup community perceive the work of the billionaire as a 550-page ad for BTC. In the book, Dalio said he was impressed that BTC had stood the test of time without breaking.

However, he warned of the risk that the primary cryptocurrency would face. The financier believes that due to the nature of the evolutionary process, a new alternative may emerge in the market.

The expert predicts that in the future, capital will flow into nonfungible tokens and other coins in order to diversify. He did not buy the NFT himself, but the mania accompanying this novelty arouses some interest in him.

The head of the world’s largest hedge fund still does not rule out that the government can outlaw BTC, as someone outlawed gold and silver:

“An alternative currency is a threat to any government. Every government wants a monopoly on its own currency. “

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