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Scam alert: Cryptopolitan is not giving free crypto, be careful!

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TL;DR Breakdown;

  • Cryptopolitan is being impersonated to run a giveaway scam
  • The firm knows nothing about it
  • See what to do when in doubt about us

Our firm’s attention has been brought to scammers and imposters who are using our name to run a giveaway scam. We want to state clearly that Cryptopolitan is not giving out any free cryptocurrency to anybody or running any crypto doubling scheme.  

Our platform has never since inception run any crypto giveaway and has no plan whatsoever to dash out any cryptocurrency in the future yet. Cryptopolitan advises the public in absolute terms that it is NOT holding a #15btcbonus nor does it authorize or sponsor any consultant, agency, or organization which, through website postings or otherwise, claim to be sponsoring a BTC bonus or other #fraudulentactivities.  

We assume no responsibility for any announcement or activity of such consultants, agencies, or organizations. The mandate of the firm, as our dear readers, is to bring you recent and verified news, analysis, opinion, and price prediction articles as it relates to cryptocurrency or blockchain.  

Why this scam alert? 

On Saturday, particularly, a BTC price prediction article about BTC price surging to $400,00 got the attention of these scammers and imposters who decided to use the article as bait to scam our dear readers. In the comment section, a duplicate Facebook page of Cryptopolitan wrote that the impact of COVID-19 has changed people’s lives, and it is essential for us to support our communities these challenging times.  

The imposter wrote that due to an upcoming event, our firm wants to gift 15 BTC. They further asked that for participants to be eligible, they should transfer 0.2 – 1 BTC and receive three times what they send instantly.  Also, fellow scammers to make the ploy look real joined in the comment section stating that it is real and they can’t believe it until they were received three times BTC what they sent immediately. 

They are all scammers, we have no upcoming event, and we are not receiving or giving cryptocurrencies to any of our dear readers.  

What to do when in doubt 

Should you have any doubt about the authenticity of an announcement, email, letter, or telephone communication purportedly from, for, or on behalf of Cryptopolitan, please send us an email query before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence. 


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