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Smart BTC Cash: the BCH Sidechain compatible with ETH

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Smart Bitcoin Cash

Smart BTC Cash, BTC Cash’s new ETH-compatible sidechain, is ready to be tested by developers through a dApp, to aid its development.

According to reports, today BTC Cash supporters were introduced to Smart BTC Cash or SmartBCH, the project created to utilize decentralized applications or dApps with more affordable transaction fees. 

The BCH sidechain compatible with the ETH Virtual Machine or EVM and Web3 API, had already been announced under the code name Moeing Chain, and now appears to be in the development phase, open for testing by developers.

Version 0.1.0 of Smart BTC Cash

This phase is the first release of SmartBCH version 0.1.0 and, on the forum, here’s how one programmer comments:

“We are working with the SmartBCH team and have a test node running. Should have the Uniswap contract working this weekend”.

The goal is one: to reduce the huge rise in fees that have to be paid using the ETH blockchain, without having to wait for the new ETH 2.0 protocol. 

ETH, in fact, is the basic blockchain from which a large part of decentralized finance (or DeFi) originates, and to support that sector, BTC Cash is creating its own compatible sidechain, reducing fees and achieving similar benefits to ETH 2.0. 

On the new website unveiled today, it is already possible to view the full project overview, FAQs and various documentation. Not only that, there is also a list of the 5 tools of the SmartBCH ecosystem:

  • the MoeingADS single-layer architecture;
  • the MoeingEVM parallelized execution engine;
  • the application-specific database MoeingDB;
  • MoeingKV storage;
  • MoeingAOT compiler for EVM.

BTC Cash: relief from antitrust charges

In addition to the development of its valuable sidechain, BTC Cash is enjoying another win. It is about the antitrust lawsuit aimed at its CEO Roger Ver, but also Kraken exchange CEO Jesse Powell, and other popular figures in the crypto world, on charges of market manipulation.

Exactly 1 year after the United American Corp filed its complaint, the case was dismissed with prejudice due to lack of evidence

Judge McAliley said the plaintiff relied on circumstantial evidence and did not expressly allege an agreement between the defendants to manipulate the BTC Cash market in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.


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