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Stay at home and earn cryptocurrencies!

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Stay at home and earn cryptocurrencies!

In these hard times, when we should behave responsibly, you can get cryptocurrencies from the house. Are you at home and not using your PC to the fullest? You may find the lines below useful and try some of the ways to congest cryptocurrencies without buying them.


Make money on faucets


During the necessary stay at home, you can also use the time to get cryptocurrencies for free using airdrop. Most of these airdrop systems are designed to accumulate crypto coins before they are placed on the market. You can easily find Airdrops and there are a lot of sites with them. For each project, you have precise procedures on how to get a given cryptocurrency a chance to land in your wallet. Often when certain conditions are met, for example by connecting and sharing their social network, etc. Here are some example pages:



Calculating an example, watching a video, or other images on a website can guarantee you some of the cryptocurrencies you can earn for free. There are so-called cryptofaucets in which you can earn a fraction of the cryptocurrency in a few simple steps. We mentioned them before. Here are the top five faucets that you can use for free cryptocurrencies:



Minig of cryptocurrencies with laptop, desktop computer and mobile phone


Obtaining cryptocurrencies by mining is inefficient today, especially in the el. energy to the mined coins. However, if you have el. energy at a bargain price, or ideally free, is not a matter of hesitation.


The easiest way to mine a cryptocurrency is to extract it using ready software. You can earn basically quickly and easily. The finished program requires a few simple set-ups and immediately starts mining. The disadvantage of such programs is mainly that the operators (creators) have an increased fee. This will cut your reward. That’s the tax for not having to set up anything very complicated. These include:



Then there are simulated mining, or mining directly in browsers, which can also collect some satoshi, but do not expect miracles.


  • Cryptotab browser also enables mining on laptops, desktops and mobile phones. But the reward is not high, but in need…
  • Electroneum is a simulation of mobile extraction of ETN tokens. You can then sell the tokens at Coinbene. This way you can earn some change from cryptocurrencies. And by combining several options, you get more than you expect.


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