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The top ADALend project in the Cardano network has reached a significant milestone

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ADAlend project in the Cardano network
Source: ADAlend / Twitter

ADALend is one of the most successful projects in the Cardano ecosystem, this time coming with a significant milestone.

ADALend in the Cardano ecosystem

This is a project that is used for lending, that is so-called lending cryptocurrencies in the Cardano network. This successful project was recently officially included in the company’s product line IOHK.

Representatives of this decentralized financial protocol made an official statement.

ADALend project

ADALend project. Source:

This is a very important act. All products and projects on this list are generally considered to be very valuable projects in the Cardano network. The list itself is called Essential Cardano and is published together with the accompanying map and the central library of materials of the foundation Cardano Foundation and EMURGO.

Cardano with top projects

The statement of ADALend representatives reads as follows:

“The inclusion of ADALend in the list represents an important milestone for the project and its plans for informing consumers about the project and its functions.”

ADALend will bring a whole new way of lending to the ecosystem. A fintech veteran is also supposed to help him with that Javed Khattaka, who became the new director general of the protocol.

Cardano founder announced the development of the Proof-of-Burn application for the ADA token

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