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09.11.[News of the day] • Millions of users are affected after the attack on Robinhood and other articles

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Welcome to today’s crypto news overview:


Three days ago, BTC was around $ 60,000, and the community wondered if it would stay above that level for long. In three days, however, the market can change a lot. Instead of sinking below $ 60,000, BTC went on the offensive and quickly gained in value.

BTC rose sharply by several thousand dollars yesterday and reached 66,000 USD. It has been separated by centimeters since breaking the record at $ 67,000. After spending some time below this threshold, he finally made it and recorded a new peak at $ 68,600 (on Bitstamp). At the moment, the BTC has backed down by several hundred dollars.

The second largest cryptocurrency has also set a new record in the past 24 hours. A few days ago, the ETH sank below $ 4,500, but the bulls strengthened and pushed it north. The last step up led to ETH being affected by $ 4,860, which became his new ATH.

Technical analysis of BTC – the price reached the new ATH at the level of $ 68,500!


Solana beats Tether by market value

“Ethereum’s killer,” Solana, outperformed Tether, becoming the largest stablecoin provider in terms of market capitalization with $ 75 billion, compared to $ 73.8 billion for Tether, CoinGecko said.

At the time of writing, Solana is in fourth place in terms of market capitalization. Its closest competitor, the BNB, is currently in third place with a respectable $ 109 billion. It gained most of its capitalization in the last rally launched in early November.

Tether has not re-launched the “printer” yet, which means that Solana still has some time to gain traction and build a small lead. With each new token issue, Tether’s market capitalization gains an average of $ 1 billion.

Dutch police seized nearly $ 29 million in cryptocurrencies after a crime investigation

The Dutch authorities have seized the contents of the € 25 million cryptocurrency wallets, which are believed to have been used for a number of crimes, including trafficking, fraud and tax evasion.

Crypto exchanges cooperated with the Dutch supervisory authority FIOD and the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the investigation. The Dutch authorities suspect that both Dutch and foreign offenders have been involved in the forfeiture crimes and that international offenders will be sent to foreign governments under extradition treaties.

One of the findings of the investigation is that criminals face unwanted exchange rate fluctuations by converting cryptocurrencies to stablecoins. It is not clear how the Dutch government will deal with the forfeited property.

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

Brave works with Solana and supports dApp as standard

Brave integrates the Solana blockchain into the Brave browser, providing initial support for the Solana ecosystem to 42 million active users and 1.3 million authentic Brave creators. Brave will soon be the default for Solana for cross-chain and native DApps.

Blockchain Solana enables faster transactions with low fees, which help in receiving DeFi and Web3. The high transaction fees seen on Ethereum (due to increased interest in cryptocurrencies and DeFi) discouraged some users from transacting.

Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and provides the ability to scale blockchain transactions for just $ 0.001 – $ 0.002 per transaction, resulting in significant cost savings for users.

Discord and the possibility of connecting Ethereum via Metamask and WalletConnect

Discord CEO and Founder annoyed the community with a tweet featuring a Discord screenshot with the Ethereum logo and wallet connectivity.

There are no other rumors about implementing the cryptocurrency directly into the game-related application or its future features.

Although the update would create a number of opportunities for communities, including payments and competitions with valuable prizes, some users have not welcomed the potential update very warmly. Most of them complained that Discord lacked security and that servers were often the target of phishing attacks. Adding Ethereum support will only make the situation worse.

Frauds, attacks

Millions of users are affected by the attack on Robinhood

Another incident struck Robinhood on November 8, revealing a security breach. The data breach occurred on November 3 after “an unauthorized third party gained access to a limited amount of personal information from some of our customers.” The company states that the attack was managed and no data or financial losses were recorded at the time of the announcement.

The team’s contribution states that the unauthorized person used social engineering to gain access to some customer support systems through a customer support employee. The attacker then gained access to the e-mail addresses of five million customers and the full names of two million customers. More information was revealed about a much smaller group of 310 people, with about ten customers leaking much more data.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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