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Do you want to learn more about IP addresses and how you can use them to improve your Web connection? If that’s the case, keep reading this article since we will tell you all you need to know about the ‘’ IP. Let’s jump right in.

What’s Does the ‘’ IP Mean?

The ‘’ IP is a private IP address that is sometimes used on local networks. In other words, certain router manufacturers use this IP as their default IP address. Even though this IP can be changed, you can stick to it at times when you want to access your router.

You have noticed that we said that is a private IP address. In case you want to learn what that means and how private IPs are different from public ones, keep reading.

What Are Private IP Addresses?

Back in the 1990s, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has come up with several ranges of IPs that could be used in closed networks. When it comes to the range we’re talking about, its full spectrum starts with ‘’ and ends with ‘’.

You can see that we’ve mentioned ‘closed’ or ‘private’ networks several times now. So, let’s say that you connect to the Internet from your home using your computer, smartphone, and tablet. All three of these devices connect to the Web via your home router. This is a closed or private network, where your computer, smartphone, and tablet can be used to access your router.

What Are Public IP Addresses?

Aside from private addresses, we also have public IP addresses. These are assigned to every device that has a Web connection. In other words, public IPs are unique to every device, which is an important prerequisite for sending and receiving data over the Web.

In case you’d like to keep exploring this topic, you can check our guide to the differences and similarities between public and private IPs.

Which Routers Use ‘’ as Their Primary IP Address?

Even though there are millions of private IP addresses available, router manufacturers have decided to use certain IPs as default options for their products, as shown below.

  • Linksys has decided to use
  • Siemens, Belkin, Edimax, and SMC have decided to use
  • Cisco and Motorola have decided to use
  • D-Link and NETGEAR have decided to use

As you can see, there are big chances that you’re using a router made by Linksys. However, there are other companies that have decided to use the ‘’ IP. This is an important piece of information because you will need to supply the default username and password for your router model before you can access it.

What About the ‘192.168.I.3’ IP Address?

To answer all your questions, we have turned to Google’s results for the ‘’ IP and noticed that a certain portion of Web users are looking for the ‘192.168.I.3’ IP. As you can see, we have the letter ‘I’ instead of ‘1’ here.

Without any deeper explanation, we need to tell you that the ‘192.168.I.3’ is incorrect or false. This means you won’t be able to access your router using that IP. Instead, make sure that your private IP consists of numbers only.

How to Use the ‘’ IP Address to Access Your Router?

We’ll try to make this process as simple as possible by providing a step-by-step guide. So, here’s how to access your home router.

  • Launch your preferred Web browser. Any Web browser on any device should do the job fine.
  • Input the following IP – into your browser’s address bar.
  • Hit ‘Enter‘ to access your router.
  • Before you can go any deeper, you need to enter a username and password. This is when you need to consult your router’s manual or take a look at the table found below.
  • Once you get the right combination, you will enter your router’s admin panel. Make sure to save any changes you’ve made before exiting the Web browser.


In case you use a different router brand, you need to look at your router and check the exact model you use. This can be typically found on a sticker on one of the sides of your router. Then, a Google search should do the job when it comes to finding your router’s default credentials.

What If You Fail to Connect to

Assuming you have the correct IP address, here are some simple solutions to the most common connectivity problems when you can’t access your home router.

  • Your router and your device need to be on the same network. If you use your computer to access your router, make sure that your computer uses your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure that you use the correct form of the IP. This means you need to enter the following in the address bar – ‘’ There are no prefixes or suffixes.
  • You can do a factory reset to make sure that your router is using its default credentials. These can be changed, so you need to be sure that you’re trying the right combination.
  • Finally, use an Ethernet cable. Some routers allow deeper level changes only when connected using an Ethernet cable to avoid potential security risks.

How to Check Your Router’s Default IP?

It’s very easy to check the default IP of your router. By knowing this information, you can proceed to access your router. Here is our guide for Windows users and for Mac users who want to learn about their IP. Still, this isn’t where supported devices end since mobile devices are included as well. So, take a look at finding a router IP on Android and iOS devices.

This is where we conclude our article about the ‘’ IP address. We hope that we’ve managed to answer all your questions. If that’s not the case, don’t hesitate to post your comment below. And lastly – thank you for reading!

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