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3 cryptocurrencies that are worth monitoring in March

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3 cryptocurrencies that are worth monitoring in March

Although cryptocurrency markets have jumped into red numbers and are experiencing a large slump, not all digital currencies have been hit by such a huge wave of volatility. In this article we will show 3 cryptocurrencies, which is good to watch in March this year.


Nano (NANO)


Many analysts and cryptocurrency experts have predicted that the Nano cryptocurrency will increase by more than 500% by the end of this year. NANO introduces itself as digital money for the future that is free of charge. Moreover, it is ecological and the speed of the transaction is immediate.


This shows considerable potential for the future, when the price dropped to its long-term resistance level last month after 518 days and is now set at 10,750 satoshi, equivalent to $ 0.85. Analysts for this cryptocurrency predict a jump of 240% if it reaches the resistance limit of up to 53,000 satoshi 4.11 USD.


Basic Attention Token (BAT)


BAT, stands behind Brave, has seen a strong bull run of this token in the first six weeks of this year, where we could see a 92% increase in value. After a long-term bear market, BAT is already showing signs of a bullish trend. Analysts link the token’s potential with BRAVE.




Cryptocurrency MIOTA experienced a very tough start at the beginning of this year, when after a series of price drops and network hacking in early February, most of the user’s wallets were exhausted. Following the announcement of the IOTA Foundation to renew the fully functional network, this digital asset continued to grow slightly.


On March 2, cryptocurrency recorded trading volume of $ 9 million in 24 hours. Given the state of the network, which is almost in operation, experts expect the performance of this cryptocurrency to continue and the price will grow.




We can only hope that analysts’ predictions will be true and prices will show us their bullish trend by the end of this year. The cryptocurrencies listed above certainly have potential for growth.

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