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5 games to follow in December!

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What are the best play-to-earn games for December? Some titles will release major updates, others will have the first pre-orders of NFTs and lands. Keep an eye on the DeFi Marketplace and secure the best buys on profitable games!

The Sandbox

All players who already have an NFT of the Alpha version of The Sandbox will be able to play in December. After months of waiting, the developers will finally release the initial version of the game.

However, contrary to what players expected, some profiles will not yet be enabled for play-to-earn mechanics. The initial version will preview the gameplay and winning mechanics, but not tokens.

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The collectible card game, Splinterlands, is for anyone who likes a challenge. The game is now free for players to download and is free-to-play. However, to activate the play-to-earn function, players need to buy packs of cards and pay around $10. Also, you need to level up for bigger gains.

Considered one of the best play-to-earn games and famous for the rapid depletion of NFT collections, Splinterlands will release another batch of sales. On December 8th, another batch of the Chaos Legion collection will be released. The news is that the new cards will be playable!

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Gala Games announced for December the second test version of the Mirandus game. This time, according to the developer, the trial version is for real!

Players will be able to use NFTs to play the trial version and each NFT will be able to win Materium. The Materium will be a crucial feature in the game, in addition to the GALA token.

Also, on December 6th there will be a Mirandus Vox NFT sale. It’s also worth it if you’re excited about this MMORPG.

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World of Sipheria

Blockchain game studio Sipher raised $6.8 million to create the multiplayer online action game, World of Sipheria, which uses the already-released Sipherian Surge NFT collection. The development team is focused on a PC release, but considering the type of gaming consoles or even mobile ones, it’s not seen out of the realm of possibilities.

The next game will feature NFT items, including game characters and possibly game items. Three players must work together to survive a dungeon full of enemies. Player characters will have different classes, abilities and other details that influence the game.

The launch of the SIPHER token, native to the game, is scheduled for December 6th. The sale will only last 72 hours!

In addition, the developer announced that it will reveal the game mechanics in the next few days.

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REVV Racing

REVV Racing already allowed players to use their NFT racecars in competitions, in an effort to earn REVV tokens.

However, you had to be good to win. With the introduction of new play-to-earn mechanics, everyone will earn at least SHRD tokens, which unlock CATA tokens, which allow you to upgrade NFT cars and make them better. The new feature will bring even more players looking for winnings!

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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