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A new crypto-wallet from Robinhood is coming soon

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Robinhood crypto wallet

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev announced that the waiting list for the recently announced crypto-wallet has exceeded more than 1 million.

Tenev says he is very proud of their new cryptoplatform and, thanks to the coins that will be available, will provide their clients with more services and conveniences.

Robinhood and the crypto-wallet aroused interest

Vlad Tenev, the founder of Robinhood, said this week that the number of premature applicants for the Robinhood crypto-wallet had reached 1 million. In his speech at a conference on CNBC television, Vlad Tenev explained that what are the cryptocurrencies popular today, especially in financial services applications such as Robinhood.

“We are very proud of our platform and we want to continue to offer people more user functions with cryptocurrencies that they buy from us,” Tenev said at the event.

“We have launched a waiting list for those who can’t wait for our wallet. Many people have long asked us to send and receive cryptocurrencies or transfer them to hardware wallets. It will soon be a reality,” added Tenev.

Tenev believes in cryptocurrencies

During this event, where he spoke about the introduction of a new crypto-wallet, Tenev noted that there are many benefits for cryptocurrencies and digital wallets.

,,Almost everyone can own a digital crypto-wallet, almost anyone can send cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another in a few seconds and so on. There are many advantages that have emerged over time in modern technology, making this global phenomenon more accessible and easy to use. All these facts are more and more attractive,” says the CEO.

The Bulgarian billionaire also noted that cryptocurrencies and the digital economy have left their mark and are unlikely to disappear, on the contrary: we can’t ignore it, added Tenev.

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