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Android game that sends ETH straight to Coinbase? Here it is!

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Today I am going to introduce you a complete novelty, an Android game that you can play by phone to get Ethereum.

Android game that sends ETH straight to Coinbase? Here it is!

These days, when almost everyone goes through facebook and taps the phone more often than usual, game may be a little rescue for someone. Playing games on the phone also helps to the so-called psycho-hygiene.


The game called Ethereum Connect 3 from a company that also develops Phoneum cryptocurrency is the perfect puzzle fun. In addition, it generates points that you can change to ETH and send to the Coinbase wallet. So if you have a Coinbase account, you just enter the Coinbase registered email into the application and you can receive Ethereum for playing this game.

The game is brand new and released only three days ago. Therefore, you may not be able to fing on Google Play store. If this happens, click the link below to download it:

Will I be a millionaire? How often can I play it?

Definitely not! But it’s always better to play such a game for some reward than nothing at all. This is a classic puzzle game where you combine boxes of the same color according to different levels. By earning three stars you will get the highest number of points that will accumulate.

The game has 10 attempts at the beginning. And if you run out of it, you’ve finished. There is also the possibility of viewing the advertisement, for which the game will credit you two more attempts to play. You can play all day long.

Let’s expect another one

Phoneum, which developed the Phoneum cryptocurrency, also offers several other games. It is currently the company that has created the largest number of Android games that are rewarding. I believe that in the future will bring us other great games.


I tried this android game for less than hour and I have 0.00010500 ETH. So come on!

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