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Axie Infinity launches system to burn Axies and earn rare items

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The developers behind the metaverse Axie Infinity, the most famous play-to-earn game on the market, announced a system to burn Axies and, in return, receive rare in-game items.

Axie Infinity launches system to burn Axies

As the team highlighted, the rewards for burning an Axie will be exclusive to this event and for a limited time. The feature is a way for developers to reduce the current supply of Axies and, with that, seek an increase in the price of virtual avatars.

The Axies Burning event takes place in celebration of the Lunar New Year and the items received cannot be used in-game to increase the power of the axies that remain with the user.

The items are perfumery artifacts and act as NFTs for land decoration in the metaverse with the items received: Asorted Firecrackers, Traditional Snack Box, Blossom Tree, Lucky Lantern and Crimson Tiger.

Certain items are rarer than others. Therefore, the probability of receiving one of these items is lower than the less rare ones:

  • Assorted Firecrackers (35%)
  • Traditional Snack Box (35%)
  • Blossom Tree (20%)
  • Lucky Lantern (9%)
  • Crimson Tiger (1%)

How it works

According to the announcement, the process to exchange Axie for rare in-game items is simple. The user needs to access the Axie Infinity marketplace and find the “Lunar New Year” promotion.

Then just click the button and change the Axie. Each Axie gives you only one decoration item that is randomly distributed at the time of trading.

In addition to guaranteeing one of the five items, each exchange also guarantees a ticket in a special raffle. The winner of the draw receives 5 Axie Origin Coins (AOC).

These five coins can then be exchanged by the owner for an Origin Axie. Other prizes include 10 Kitsune Mystic land items and 100 Epic land items.

Finally, the developers point out that trading rare Axies in this system does not guarantee that the user will receive a rarer item. That’s because the draw is random and not tied to the rarity and attributes of the Axies.

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