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Binance has suspended accounts for several users in Colombia

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A group of users of the Binance Exchange in Colombia expressed (following an investigation by the Dutch authorities) their dissatisfaction with the suspension of their accounts and the freezing of funds.

The problem with Binance accounts started about a month ago, “without explanation or answer.” About 20 people were affected, but there may be more.

In addition, some people do not have access to “lifetime savings” that are worth more than one BTC, with a current value of $ 65,000. A message received by certain users when trying to access their accounts states:

“Thank you for using Binance. Your account is currently being reviewed by the Dutch police. For more information on the status of your account, please contact the official responsible for this case… “

Binance has suspended accounts for several users in Colombia
Binance informed the user that the notification concerning the Dutch authorities is predetermined and does not necessarily apply in this case. Source: Binance screenshot.

Dissatisfied users are suing Binance

The individuals concerned remarkably joined forces to form a group on the Telegram, many of whom also informed the media that they had already hired a lawyer to initiate a joint trial.

It was reported that the exchange prevented individuals from withdrawing money from their accounts, with some claiming that they were unable to even see their balance. As a result, a request for additional information was submitted to Binance in this regard, which it replied by stating that:

“Due to the nature of the ongoing criminal investigation, we are unable to provide any further comments at this time.”

According to the responses provided by Binance Support, the suspension of accounts is due to a “profiling check” by the Platform’s Compliance Department. While some users were asked to verify their identity, this did not resolve the issue, and several individuals also claimed to have completed the verification in advance.

The reason for the blockage is not clear

Overall, the reasons for the blockages varied. As a result, some individuals were asked to prove their Colombian identification and income, while Binance told others to contact the Dutch authorities instead.

Whatever the reason for Binance, they are likely to respond to calls from the Dutch authorities. We may never find out the real reason.

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