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Binance launches unique tournament! It is played on a shared $ 5000 per day

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Binance launches unique tournament! It is played on a shared $ 5000 per day

In uncertain times, traded volumes often go up. The world’s largest currency exchange office has decided to make a tournament. Binance will offer the competition as a variegation that comes just in time of quarantine. People are bored at the time of quarantine. And what else to do but try to win $ 5,000 each day?

Binance Competition: Promoting Futures

The competition will take place at the Futures exchange, where the traded volume is in the tens of millions of dollars.

The tournament will take place from 10 to 25 April and will compete for $ 5,000 each day at the BNB, which will be shared between the winners and contestants. But that’s not all. Special prices will go up to a million dollars.

The competition is simple. Users make teams and do business. The more USDTs earn on Futures, the greater their rankings will be. As their capital grows, so does their chances of winning. The team factor itself is by far the most interesting.

Each team will consist of a registered leader who takes 30% of any winnings. The top 10 of the team take 20% of what remains. The remaining 50% is shared by the other players.

However, it has a catch. You must have a trading volume of at least $ 50,000 to be eligible for the reward. But this is not a problem with Futures.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance again shows interesting marketing.

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