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BitMEX CEO warns: Bitcoin could definitely test 3000 USD

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BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes and an anonymous investor known as Crypto Capo thinks that Bitcoin could test $ 3,000 in the near future. This would be the third time in the last three years and a second time during the coronavirus crisis.

BitMex CEO

The coronavirus crisis is in decline, but the economic impact is not

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes writes regularly on the cryptocurrency exchange blog, which discusses the current situation around the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Hayes is a maximalist who regards Bitcoin as essentially the only legitimate cryptocurrency. He is also known for his resistance to the XRP, when, after itss listing, he publicly called for its price liquidation with the help of the large leverage that the exchange offers.

Crypto Capo is also known for its rare and austere predictions, which often come true. For example, he predicted the last fall of 12 March, when he hit the level around 3000 USD. This week he predicted that this slump will be repeated.

Hayes believes that the stock market associated with BTC behaves irrationally and does not respect the situation around coronavirus. It is growing despite the growing number of unemployed and the situation of the lower social strata, which form the backbone of the economy, is deteriorating.

On the blog Hayes wrote:

Bitcoin will always be able to stick. The price can surely fall to 3000 USD. As the indices fall, other assets may burst. Although the decline in the first quarter was massive, we have almost a century of growth in the imbalances of the political obsolete regime.

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