May 12, 2021


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BLES Announces Launchpad Enabling Tokenized Funding for NFT Creators

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Blind Boxes (BLES) is releasing its very own launchpad. A tokenized fundraising platform for non-fungible (NFT) projects.

Blind Boxes has announced its latest development in the form of its very own launchpad. The launchpad allows creators to host decentralized crowdfunding campaigns directly from the Blind Boxes platform. BLES is the first gamified curation platform for NFTs.

The launchpad release this weekend will operate in similar fashion to an initial dex offering (IDO). But will cater to creators on the platform. 

An NFT launchpad for curators 

Collectors on the platform will be able to enjoy royalties by becoming early investors in projects on the launchpad. Collectors will be able to use their social tokens from artists on the platform for different utilities. Such as profit-sharing from the artists for future sales.

BLES token holders will receive priority access to social token funding events. Which Includes being allowed to participate in projects vetted by the company. “We aim to present our community with innovative, promising, high quality NFT projects” the press release states. 

BLES expansion continues 

BLES is currently running its marketplace in beta. With 3D artist Vang Cki already active on the marketplace with his collection titled “KRYSALID”. Cki commented on the collection, saying “This is not just art. These are designs from my vision of the science fiction world that have existed in my mind for many years. Now they are forever crystallized on the blockchain”. The 3D artist is well known for his work in several top Xbox games including Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

BLES Announces Launchpad Enabling Tokenized Funding for NFT Creators
Vang Cki — Soldier From An Alternate Future

Blind Boxes has also recently announced its liquidity mining program that will enable BLES holders to earn passive income. Liquidity providers will earn staking rewards. Through a partnership with PancakeSwap, 900,000 BLES will be rewarded for stakers of BNB and BLES. 

Blind Boxes is also offering liquidity mining through decentralized exchange 1inch. With $200,000 worth of BLES being offered to stakers of ETH and BLES on the platform. 

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