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Cardano announces a significant collaboration with a top team of developers

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Cardano with new cooperation
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Cardano begins a new era of DeFi, whose imaginary peak will come next weekend at the Cardano Summit 2021, where collaborations of enormous proportions are to be announced. However, the network has previously announced some interesting news.

Cardano has its own DeFi Hub

The company has announced a very important collaboration with top developers from EMURGO, who are thus joining the ADA network.

The official announcement came from Astarter. The goal of development and cooperation is to meet the requirements more than 140 companies, which are ready to take full advantage of smart contracts.

StormGainThe decentralized cryptocurrency exchange ADEX was also added to the list.

What will collaboration bring?

The main goal of Launchpad is to accelerate the raising of funds for the teams involved in the initial development of Cardano. Among other things, the module will also provide certain loans in ADA tokens for other native network assets.

Co-founder Cardano and one of the most influential men in the world of cryptocurrencies, Charles Hoskinson however, it warns against possible “imitators” who want to seduce the popularity of smart contracts.

Hoskinson has been and still is a victim of various fake profiles on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. The people behind these profiles are trying to attract investors on his behalf. However, Cardano’s founder assured everyone that he did not have an account. So it’s a scam.

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