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China miners are selling their GPUs in bulk

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A massive sale of cryptocurrency mining GPUs has been reported among miners in China. They would be selling their equipment at significantly low prices.

The unprofitability of cryptocurrency mining was identified as the main reason for this sale. According to reports, miners are selling the NVIDIA RTX 3080 for as little as $500 in the resale markets.

Bulk selling GPUs

Images of used GPUs for sale in second-hand markets have flooded Twitter in recent days. According to a Twitter user, the RTX 3060 Ti cost between $300 and $350 in some markets. This shows a dwindling interest in cryptocurrency mining.

As analysts point out, this is due to the fall in the value of crypto-assets. According to Twitter posts, most users who buy these graphics cards appear to be gamers. That is, they intend to use them for gaming exercises that demand a lot of graphics processing.

However, items must reach buyers with wear and tear. After all, mining activity puts a lot of strain on GPUs.

This is because, in mining, GPUs are constantly exposed to heavy loads and this damages the equipment. There have already been complaints from various gamers on social media about these used graphics cards.

Mining GPUs

Meanwhile, others complain of heating problems with the appliances. One Twitter user, for example, advised against buying these used graphics cards.

He noted that they have already expired and therefore must be worn out. Furthermore, he claimed that buying post-mining GPUs would simply help miners recoup some of their losses.

But not everyone follows this opinion. Instead, some believe that the critics of used graphics cards are the manufacturers of new ones, who are afraid of losing market share.

On his Twitter account, a user explained that the factors that can damage GPUs are high voltage and thermal expansion.

Based on this, he argued that the GPUs used for mining ETH were “undervolted”. In other words, they used as little electricity as possible. This eliminates the voltage degradation issue on such GPUs.

Furthermore, he argued that constant cooling and minimal load spikes ensure that temperature fluctuations on these GPUs are minimal, protecting them from thermal expansion.

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