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Crypto News of the Day (11.2.) | Poloniex deleted 12 minutes of trading due to bug • Google search for Bitcoin 33% higher • and more

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Crypto News of the Day (11.2.) | Poloniex deleted 12 minutes of trading due to bug • Google search for Bitcoin 33% higher • and more

Here you can find an overview of the most important crypto events in the last 24 hours.



After falling back below $ 10,000, Bitcoin fluctuates around the $ 9,800 threshold, currently falling slightly. The markets are now waiting to see if this is just a weaker correction or whether the bulls have run out of power and will go even lower. So far, the Altcoins have been strengthening. The current mood on the market is neutral again


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12,000 BTC from PlusToken scam moved to unknown address


More than 12,000 bitcoins (currently worth over $ 117 million) associated with the alleged PlusToken fraud have just moved to two new addresses. Chiachih Wu, vice president of research at the Chinese blockchain security company PeckShield, reported on which addresses they were. The first address contains more than 11,999 bitcoins and the second address contains more than 424 bitcoins. Wu said the new addresses look like “cold wallets”. Cold wallet means storing private keys on a hardware device that is disconnected from the Internet.



Google search for Bitcoin 33% higher


Only when Bitcoin starts to rise sharply again, and especially when it reaches a peak of $ 10,000, will people start paying more attention to this topic. If you look at trends in Google search, you can see how much interest the general public is and whether this could result in the next round of FOMO. Search for Bitcoin on Google has increased by 33% over the past week.



Binance adds P2P trading for the Russian ruble


Crypto exchange Binance announced that it is adding peer-to-peer (P2P) trading for the Russian Ruble. Users will be able to trade free of charge on the P2P crypto exchange platform from today.


Poloniex cleared 12 minutes of trading due to bug


Crypto exchange Poloniex today confirmed in a series of tweets that it erased 12 minutes of business history in response to a software problem that caused many trades to be “erroneous”. This is how Poloniex resolved the situation: it erased all trades between 17:53 UTC and 18:05 UTC today after its automatic audits detected a problem. The company also canceled all pending withdrawals and each affected customer was notified by email.


Indian police warn against the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


India remains one of those countries in the world with regulatory uncertainty about cryptocurrencies. While the Indian Central Bank (RBI) has already made clear that digital assets in the country are not illegal, the Tamil Nadu police department issued a new warning that the public should avoid cryptocurrencies. The police further explained that cryptocurrency is not a currency by definition of money in the country, nor a security. The cryptocurrency has the same characteristics as gold and other precious metals, and since cryptocurrencies do not have a state guarantee, they are not considered legal tender, police said.


Belgian regulator wants stricter rules for cryptocurrencies


The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) called for more regulation in the cryptocurrency area. FSMA chairman Jean-Paul Servais proposed more stringent regulations to lawmakers during a recent Senate hearing and urged them to create a “legal framework” for the purchase, sale and use of digital currencies and related financial products. Servais criticized the Belgian authorities for not addressing cryptocurrency regulation, despite rapid global growth in the sector and market capitalization of over $ 300 billion. He mentioned the potential for fraudulent activities that use cryptocurrencies and impact on investors.


Klaytn blockchain acquired Huobi as a new board member


Klaytn, a blockchain project led by South Korean internet giant Kakao, today announced that the Huobi cryptobourse joins Klaytn as a board member. Klaytn, developed by Kakao, is a public blockchain platform whose mainnet was launched last June. Klaytn works with major businesses and businesses to jointly operate a distributed network under shared management.

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