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Discovery Plus AVFoundationErrorDomain-11819 on Apple TV or iOS: How to Fix?

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Discovery Plus has been out for a few weeks now, and we haven’t seen that many people complaining about the platform crashing for them, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In fact, some Apple fans have encountered AVFoundationErrorDomain-11819 on Apple TV or iOS, so let’s see how we can fix the problem.

This particular error code is only seen by those using Discovery Plus on Apple TV and iOS devices, but it thankfully has a solution.

What’s Causing AVFoundationErrorDomain-11819?

Discovery Plus hasn’t been really specific about what’s causing this particular error, but it does seem to pop up while watching content and not when simply browsing the app. This indicates the problem may be an app glitch.

How to Fix AVFoundationErrorDomain-11819?

If you’re going to fix this particular error, it seems that you’ll need to refresh your device to clear it. The whole process is pretty straightforward, but we’ll guide you through it nonetheless.

Apple TV

In order to “refresh your device” to clear out this pesky error that prevents you from watching your documentary or kicking back with HGTV, you’ll need to restart the device.

  • Start by unplugging Apple TV and the TV it’s connected to. You should leave both of them without power for a couple of minutes.
  • When the time’s up, you should plug both devices back in and turn them on.
  • Launch Discovery Plus on the service and return to watching the episode. The whole thing should have cleared out already.

iPhone or iPad

If you’re facing this same issue on your iPhone or iPad, you need to restart the device.

  • Start by pressing and holding the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time. The slider will appear, and you should drag it down to power off the device.
  • Wait a few seconds and press the sleep/wake button to turn the device back on.
  • As soon as the device is powered up and in working order, you simply need to relaunch Discovery+ and try watching an episode. The problem should have cleared out by now.

Of course, if you still have issues, it may be a good idea to turn to the Customer Support team at Discovery Plus and get some help directly from them, as they may have further information on how to solve this type of problem.


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