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DragonMaster Metaverse Announces Release of Beta Version

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The year 2022 started hot for the metaverse games market with several titles announcing new features on their platforms.

So, one of these games that has already started the year with news is DragonMaster, which launched its beta test on the Polygon Test Network. The launch includes a prize of 20,000 DMT to players.

Therefore, along with the announcement, the game also highlighted who are the users who can participate in this first Beta and for that they need to fulfill a list of requirements.

Thus, among these requirements are Genesis NFT whitelist users, DragonMaster Box or Genesis player NFT holders, Twitter Giveaway winners, and Discord quiz qualification winners.

So all these users can access the game tutorial available on Youtube and start playing the Beta version which will already give NFTs that can be taken to the public alpha version.

DragonMaster – First impressions

So, according to a player heard by Cryptheory and who goes by the name Gigamer, the tutorial instructions made loading the beta test an easy process.

“Following the tutorial, players can log in and claim free NFTs from the test eggs, as well as some cryptocurrencies to interact with the Market. There are two areas where players interact with the game,” he said.

So he also reveals that in the Beta version there is a marketplace which is a web-based interface which is where you plug in your wallet and is used to hatch, sell, visualize and manage your dragons.

“There’s also the mobile game, where you play and compete with your dragons. Players are required to bind an email address through the web-based interface first as they are required to log into the mobile-based game,” he said.

Therefore, you are obliged, at this moment, to use two platforms for the game, a web for the market and a mobile for playing.

So, the web-based interface allows you to connect your MetaMask wallet. You can then see your NFTs and game coins. This is where you link an email address and create a password to log into the mobile game. You also set your screen name (nickname), which other players will see when you compete.

“After creating a username and password in the web interface, users can load the platform on their mobile. The login reveals the splash screen and an elaborate tutorial on how to start competing with your dragons,” he said.

Screenshot of DragonMaster game

So, according to him, in general, the gameplay for DragonMaster is intuitive and the low fees paid in Polygon make it much more enjoyable than the competitors based on ETH.

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