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Enjin Coin flies – 100 million fund for the multiverse is here!

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Enjin Coin begins to get serious also on the issue of the moment, that of the multiverse.

A world for which Enjin it is naturally brought – since it was born as a blockchain network of connection between the world of gaming and that of cryptocurrencies. A fund from 100 million dollars – which will serve to improve the development of this ecosystem.

The news of the day is the start of the Metaverse Fund, a fund managed by Efinity – company behind it Enjin Coin and that it will provide for the support of projects from a perspective metaverse that could make this protocol central to this new niche. The endowment of the fund will be 100 million dollars and will deal with different sectors:

  • Integration into the Enjin ecosystem

And therefore with the financing of all those projects concerning the protocol, fromEnjin Wallet to NFT.IO, the markeplace of NFT of the group.

With the construction of Collaborative NFTs on Efinity e Polkadot, with the second that will be integrated with $ ENJ thanks to the parachains.

Which remains the main focus of this project, when it was born now more than 10 years ago. Projects will be supported gaming for any type of platform – even in areas related to virtual reality, the esports and also the systems of immersive entertainment.

Again the focus will be on NFT and on the decentralization of the infrastructure. Projects involving the art world – as well as the world of music and data tokenization will also be accepted.

A fund large enough to support the growth of the protocol within all these aspects – in niches that will be – we have been saying for some time now – the present and the future of the sector blockchain.

What does this mean for Enjin Coin?

The news has already sent the price of Enjin Coin, which at the time of writing this in-depth analysis has already passed the 14% of growth in 24 hours. An effect that enabled $ ENJ to surpass ours short-term forecasts on Enjin Coin, prediction of our specialists who have once again hit the mark.

Could there be any corrections that will bring the token back towards its short-term threshold level? Difficult – and in all likelihood our specialists will review the next predictions on $ ENJ on the upside. A project that we have always included in our guide to emerging cryptocurrencies – and which could express itself on even more interesting price levels also in the future.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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