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Green Rabbits and Genesis Worlds metaverse games announce news

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Two metaverse-focused play-to-earn games, Green Rabbits and Genesis Words, announced news for enthusiasts.

Green Rabbits

In the case of Green Rabbit, the developers launched material collection missions. These missions bring a new way for players to obtain the resources needed to create Anima Armor.

Players can now send foragers to search the regions of Nanotopia for precious materials.

For this, the player must have an NFT Forager and pay a fee in Shellinium. The materials will be multipurpose and are initially used to create Anima Armor components.

Green Rabbit is a racing game based on the blockchain Wax. Players wear special Anima armor and compete in 3D racing events. Additionally, players race through an obstacle course known as the Ultra-Anima.

Winning drivers receive prizes that can include Shellinium game currency, NFTs and resources.

Genesis Worlds

Meanwhile, Genesis Worlds announced details of its metaverse and revealed that everything in it wasit will be built by the community. Although the idea is initially guided and developed by the Game Credits team, the goal is true community governance.

According to the project team, players will not only build the worlds and missions, but also create their own tools to build the worlds and the documentation to accompany them.

Once the initial setup period is complete, the vested community will govern and monitor itself as well as the worlds,” highlighted the developers.

To participate in this ecosystem, users will need to have NFTs from Genesis Worlds, the Genesis Mining Claims. They will exist for every World in the metaverse.

NFTs are represented by a 3D model of the World and grant the owner the first rights to sell the Land for that World. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to participate in the governance of the particular World with which it is associated. Finally, it is still possible to passively mine GENESIS tokens!

These mining credits, called net NFTs, are sold on a binding curve. This means that each time a Claim is sold, the next Claim becomes more expensive to buy.

Projects like Euler Beats and Gala Nodes use the same concept. As the team highlighted, 10% of each Mining Claim sale goes to the Genesis Foundation for the development of tools for Genesis Worlds, such as clients, search engines, map editor, etc.

The game is expected to officially launch in the second half of 2022 and its NFTs in the first half of the year.

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