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Hash rate BTC returns to ATH

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The hash rate returns to ath
The hash rate returns to ath. Source: Vitte

One aspect of BTC that is really reaching historic highs this week is hash rate. After a quick but still long recovery from the correction five months ago, the network is now reaching values ​​from late April to early May.

According to data from the MiningPoolStats monitoring source, with the exception of peaks and troughs in the raw data, hash rate about 168 exahashes per second (EH / s).

Hash rate BTC.  Source: MiningPoolStats

Hash rate BTC. Source: MiningPoolStats

The accompanying graph shows the extent of progress since miners began to move en masse away from China. Hash rate, which describes the calculated mining power, can only be estimated, not accurately measured.

The difficulty increases, but BTC miners are earning more and more

Difficulty is probably the most important indicator of BTC’s strength. This is returning to an all-time high. On Sunday, it gained another 4.7%, which is also the ninth increase in intensity in the series.

Another important fact is that miners are earning more and more despite declining wages. Every four years, miners receive half the pay, but in the long run they earn more because price increase BTC is faster than their pay declines.

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