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Israelis confiscated the cryptocurrency of Hamas leaders

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Israeli law enforcement has seized cryptocurrencies belonging to Hamas leaders, which several countries have identified as a terrorist organization.

Hamas leaders have lost cryptocurrencies

The security force was seized digital assets from З0 wallets owned by crypto exchange Al Mutahadun. According to law enforcement officials, Hamas leaders created 12 accounts on the trading platform and used its services to finance terrorist acts.

The exact amount seized virtual currency law enforcement officers did not state. However, Israeli Defense Minister Benna Gantz said that Al Mutahadun helped criminals transfer assets worth tens of millions of dollars each year.

We will continue to develop counter-terrorism tools and companies that provide attackers with pebbles through economic pipelines.

Defense Minister Benna Gantz

The order to confiscate cryptocurrencies states that its owners can file a complaint to the head of the National Office for Combating Terrorist Financing within two months. If venerable citizens have inadvertently suffered from the actions of the security forces, then they have the right to count on the return of illegally seized digital property.

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