May 16, 2021


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King of Mining: Meet the latest money machine

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King of Mining: Meet the latest money machine

Mining of cryptocurrencies is no longer what it used to be. Cellars and fast computers of nerds were replaced by specialized ASIC equipment.


They are manufactured by the Chinese company Bitmain. As Bitcoin halving arrives in May, all staunch miners must upgrade their equipment. That’s why Bitmain decided to launch a new ASIC: the Antminer S19.


Antminer S19: Cryptocurrency mining with 110 TH / s


Technology in the field of mining must constantly move forward. Many companies are overtaking by who makes faster, more powerful, and less energy-intensive hardware. The largest among such companies is Chinese Bitmain, which operates with the Antminer line.


Halving arrives in 74 days. Then the extraction of each BTC will be much more complicated. It is not just the king of digital money. Forks will go through their halving as well, so Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. These cryptocurrencies are among those most frequently mined.


In order to deal with the higher difficulty, the company prepared a new beast with a capacity of 110 TH / s. The price is assumed quite high, so there are lower versions with 95 TH / s. Indeed, the best information are in this tweet.


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