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Lighting News | BTC for $ 100,000, Buterin, Square Crypto

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Lighting News | BTC for $ 100,000, Buterin, Square Crypto


In 2019, only 1% of cryptocurrency transactions were illegal


Chanalyisis has published a new study on the share of Bitcoin’s illegal transactions in their total. Its results confirm that cryptocurrencies are no longer just for criminals, and the vast majority of transactions are caused by ordinary people. More details.


Plan B: It is irrelevant how fast bitcoin gets to $ 100,000


The respected PlanB trader, who bases its Bitcoin price prediction primarily on the well-known Stock2Flow model, which takes into account the halving effect, thinks it is irrelevant how Bitcoin gets to $ 100,000. However, they believe that this will happen by December 2021. More details.


Buterin about the future of decentralized cryptocurrencies and CBDC


Ethereum cryptocurrency founder Vitalik Buterin spoke to Block TV about whether digital currencies issued by central banks could reduce people’s interest in decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. He is convinced that is not possible, mainly because of decentralization. More details.


Dorsey’s “Square Crypto” launches a Bitcoin funding grant


The paying company, led by Twitter chief Jack Dorsey, Square Crypto, officially launched a grant program to support the development of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the first developer funding has already been redistributed. More details.




Several Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have reopened following a verdict by the Supreme Court of India that annulled a decree by the Central Bank of India prohibiting the provision of banking services to cryptocurrency trading companies.

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