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Lighting News | Toyota Blockchain Lab, Ethereum against censorship

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Lighting News | Toyota Blockchain Lab, Ethereum against censorship


Chinese journalist used the Ethereum network against Chinese censorship


Chinese journalist Sarah Zheng has tried to use Ethereum technology to circumvent the strong press and internet censorship in China and publish a critical interview with Dr. Ai, whose spread was blocked by the government. The article was published in Renwu. The editor also tried to encrypt it using QR codes and intentional typing errors. In the content of the articles dr. Ai criticized the procedures for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection and called for strict preventive measures.


The multiple versions of the interview also included writing with the hanyu pinyin system, which translates the Chinese alphabet into Latin characters, in addition to the inclusion of emojis to replace many words in the article.


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The second largest car manufacturer accelerates its plans to blockchain


In a press release, the company reveals that the Toyota Blockchain Lab, made up of six Toyota Group companies, has been exploring the use of blockchain for nearly a year. In November of 2019, the lab identified four main use cases.

  • Customer verification
  • Accumulation of vehicle data
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset digitalization to diversify the automaker’s financing methods


The lab now plans to accelerate its blockchain-based initiatives.

According to the company,


“Going forward, Toyota Blockchain Lab will expand its collaborations with various partner companies, further pursue the possibilities of blockchain technology, and accelerate initiatives for business implementation.”


It also aims to work with other companies to facilitate the social implementation of blockchain platforms around the world.

The formation of Toyota Blockchain Lab is part of the automaker’s efforts to become a “Mobility Company.” By using blockchain, the company can foster an open and secure business environment.


“With features such as highly tamper-resistant and fault-resistant, blockchain technology can realize secure data sharing between various parties by improving the reliability of the information.”

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