March 6, 2021


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Lighting News

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Lighting News


Coinbase cryptoexchange holds nearly 1 million BTC

Coinbase’s US cryptocurrency exchange will soon hold a million BTC coins in its wallets. According to the Longhash information portal, the purses contained about 970,000 BTC on January 1, equivalent to $ 8 billion. If the current trend continues to rise, the company will reach 1,000,000 BTC by February 2020.



Bitcoin Cash lost $ 100 in value and reduced its 2020 profit in the top to 99.96% to 53% in just a few days. Ethereum holds up well when it lost “only” 13% versus 20% of the market average.


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In spite of the hard fall, the BNB is holding very well and that’s why it is one of the biggest favorites for the current year. Even though we have a correction on the cryptomarket, the Binance coin fights and it is definitely appreciated.

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Will 2020 become the year of privacy coins?

Most people consider each cryptotransaction to be anonymous, but it is not. For example, all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain. However, there are coins that were based directly on privacy, and over the past few weeks it looks like this year will become a year of privacy coins. More details here.


Bitcoin thieves arrested in Japan

Japanese police arrested two suspects of theft Bitcoins from CoinExchange wallets today. Reportedly, a BTC worth 78 million yen was stolen, equivalent to about $ 710,000. More details here.


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