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Boom of MANA by Decentraland | There is not only Facebook and Meta …

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Continue the great time for Decentraland, which now hovers around altitude $ 3.00 with no intention of stopping, with a week remaining in the annals of the history of cryptocurrencies.

Great growth driven by Half, the new first name under which it will meet Facebook, and that it should bet on metaverse, it is not yet understood at what level exactly. A move that, however, has revived interest in the whole world of cryptocurrencies and of blockchain that they take care of metaverse.

Decentraland Boom

The boom of Mana, also from us a few days ago, has been traced back to the most obvious event that had an effect on the price of this cryptocurrency. Facebook changed its name and affirmed, via its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, of wanting to switch to a metaverse which will be a radical evolution in terms of technology and how we relate to its social network. A news that has made all the cryptocurrencies that deal with this sector leap forward – we also think to the recent boom of Enjin Coin you hate The Sandbox. But none did it in the proportions of Decentraland.

An additional explanation will therefore be needed on what is happening on the market in these hours. In addition to technical issues that in a market moment of this type cannot find citizenship in our explanation, we have the feeling that the spotlight has finally been turned on a metaverse that is the most alive and the most complete currently available.

To be clear, it is as if finally an important mass of people has realized the existence of a project that is actually not very new – and has started to use it effectively or in any case to recognize its important depth, as concrete as it is more financial.

FOMO on the Metaverse – but $ MANA still has room to grow in the short term

Yes, a good part of the thrust, especially that of the last hours can easily be traced back to the classic FOMO – the fear of missing a train that continues to run very fast. However we believe that even in the short term – as we have fixed in ours MANA forecasts – there may even be room for further growth, which could bring about a halt MANA around altitude $ 3.50.

This is because in addition to the wave of purchases pushed by Facebook – with a connection that we find, however, to be very weak now – there is actually a lot of Decentraland which simply has yet to be discovered. The many purchases of the cryptocurrency related to the project are finally turning the spotlight on a virtual world that already hosts dozens of very large companies – and whose virtual lands have been worth very important figures for months already.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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