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Metamask and Lattice1 Announce Integration and Users May Have Hardware Wallet Tokens

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Metamask, one of the leading providers of decentralized and non-custodial cryptocurrencies, has announced an integration with the Lattice1 hardware wallet.

As such, users will now be able to store their decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3, Daaps, metaverse tokens, and NFTs tokens in a hardware portfolio for greater asset security.

According to experts, hardware wallet bring greater security. After all, private keys are stored offline on the device, rather than being exposed to the online environment, which is more prone to phishing attacks and scams.

“With Lattice1, you use MetaMask just like you do now. But with the peace of mind of knowing that you are using the hardware’s security”, highlighted the statement.

Although Lattice1 is not one of the most popular hardware wallet, the solution was the first to announce such an integration aimed at the boom of DeFi, NFTs and the promises of the metaverse.

GridPlus is the team behind this hardware solution and primarily designed Lattice1 for ETH users, as opposed to other options that were developed for BTC users.

According to the developers, this is an advantage as the wallet was already designed with web3.0 in mind.


Also according to the statement, the user now has the option of a wallet designed to protect their funds. That’s without compromising on a great user experience.

“Whether you want to exchange tokens on Uniswap, send transactions or just HODL in peace, Lattice1 can be your solution for safe and secure travel.”

Users do the entire process using MetaMask. Requests will appear on the Lattice1 touch screen also for verification.

“The best thing about switching to Lattice1 and using the MetaMask integration is you can continue to make everything the same the way you interact with ETH, sidechains and L2s every day. But with the added bonus of total frictionless hardware security. Everything you are used to doing with MetaMask can be done with secure signature on the Lattice1 screen”, concludes the statement.

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