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Microsoft Forefront UAG: Security System Among Network Perimeters

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The forefront suit of logical extension launched by Microsoft covers the web safety measures. It offers the practical, totally integrated and ample security assembly to the clients as well as server. The unveiling of two gateways such as Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and Threat Management Gateway (TMG) are the tremendous solutions that protect the web infrastructure. The incorporation of remote access technologies such as direct access, virtual private network, remote desktop services, reverse proxy; UAG provides the full layered defense in respect to access and control. UAG (2010) as a single point inbound access is the next version of (IAG) Intelligent Access Gateway (2007).

The design of the software is available with the integration of existing Microsoft products. Now it is easy to deliver the secure remote access within the bridge management cost and complexity. This intelligent access policy engine carries the simple and secure access optimization for SharePoint and Exchange like applications. Forefront UAG enforces the granular access control to tailor the applications that have to be published. It also mitigates the risk factors of unmanaged devices at the downloading moment.

Microsoft forefront UAG offers the significant advantages such as-

• It enables the user to join the corporate set-up without the use of customary networks like reverse web proxy or VPN connection. This automatic process just needs the user log in procedure before to connect.

• Within the configurations and policies, UAG provides the anywhere access opportunities to the corporate sector even on the mobile devices, managed or unmanaged computer systems.

• The software enables users to immediate bring into play the direct access connections with the corpnet resources and improves performance by reducing the trafficking.

• UAG manages all the security aspects by presenting a web application firewall of secure socket layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) and provides the end point sanctuary.

• The security of all time active connection is assured by the established links of IPv6 and IPSec between the client and server. The IPSec encryption works as a detective and insures that the private communications are not intercepted over the internet.

• With the high availability build-in, the load is evenly distributed among all the servers for providing the optimized performance.

Microsoft forefront UAG provides access to the sensitive data on the basis of identity of the user and health status of the device. With the availability of authentication methods such as Swivel, Vasco, Aladdin or RSA Security; it limits the chances of data leakage. The customizable feature allows almost all applications to be published within it. UAG well performs for web applications and provides full SSL VPN network access by supporting ActiveX or most of the java components. Similarly, it provides the user friendly configuration interface for the Direct Access (a part of windows). This efficient management offers the more control and great visibility at low cost of ownership. All the ongoing and deployment tasks can be easily simplified by the wizard and built-in policies of forefront UAG.

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