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Most traders expect ATH by the end of the year

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Most traders expect ATH by the end of the year

Cointelegraph information portal, in collaboration with the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, has provided interesting statistics on what traders expect from Bitcoin in 2020. It has been assumed that most Kraken users expect the new ATH from Bitcoin.


The analysis involved four hundred VIP crypto traders using the well-known and popular currency exchange. 41% of respondents identified themselves as “investors”. 40% as ‘traders’ and 15% as ‘institutions’. The remaining four percent were services and miners who do not fall into either category.


84% of users manage capital of less than $ 10 million. 11% between $ 10 and $ 50 million and the remaining 6% is shared by those who have more.


Traders expect ATH this year: but Ethereum will not affected


The questionnaires show that the average target price for the end of 2020 is $ 22,866. So new ATH and overcoming December 2017. On the contrary, the same should not apply to Ethereum. Investors surveyed here expect only $ 810.


Sentiment in the market is generally rather bullish. 44% of participants say cryptocurrencies move on the side of the bull. Those who believe the continuation of the bear is only 22%. 34% are unsure.


Accelerating the price of cryptocurrencies could be due, among other things, to increasing public adoption and the approaching halving.

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