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My Security Shield Virus Removal – How To Get Rid Of The My Security Shield Virus

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My Security Shield belongs to the same software group of fake antivirus programs which are infecting millions of computers all over the world. This program, just like the many others, will cause serious errors in your system and then will launch a barrage of fake spyware detections to scare you into buying a registration code for the full version of My Security Shield. The hackers behind this clever scam will steal all of your financial information should you purchase the upgrade, so you must not trust this program. You can get rid of the error messages and resolve the issues by successfully removing the program instead. This tutorial will enable you to remove the My Security Shield application from your system.

This program is categorized by professionals in the industry as an illegitimate “malware” (malicious software) infection, one which installs itself onto your system via the ‘backdoor’ from infected websites you have browsed, fake email attachments or rogue downloads. The program has been designed to look and function like a real antivirus program, with the only difference being that it is totally useless. The real intention of the hackers who created this application is to embezzle your money without giving anything back. Do not let yourself be victimized by this scam. You can protect your PC by uninstalling this program.

How To Remove My Security Shield From Your PC For Good

Resolving issues caused by the dreaded My Security Shield virus involves a removal process that can be completed in two simple steps. Firstly, you should stop My Security Shield from running in your system, and secondly, you should remove the program files the virus is using to operate. The difficulty in the removal process lies in the first step. The program cannot simply be closed and you cannot usually call on Task Manager to end the process because it has most likely been blocked by the virus. To be able to stop it, you can work around this difficulty by using “Safe Mode” when entering Windows, or by using a program called “rkill” that can terminate processes for you. Upon the accomplishment of the first step you can now begin to remove the virus files that have been created. This part of the process is also quite tricky because you will need to be able to identify its files and delete them manually, a task that requires a certain amount of knowledge to achieve.

For those who are trying to manually remove the infection, you need to delete this folder from your PC:

  • c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data5d567\

We’ve found the most effective way to get rid of the My Security Shield rogue antivirus is by using an effective “anti-malware” program manufactured by legitimate security software providers. After reviewing several programs of these kinds, we have identified a program called “Frontline Rogue Remover” as one of the best for neutralizing the My Security Shield virus. You can use this program with relative ease, as it will show you firstly how to disable the virus, and then it will automatically delete all parts of the virus to prevent it from loading up again. After downloading and installing the program, you can use this to clean out unwanted infections and prevent future malware infections from entering your system.

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