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Now is a great time for the accumulation of Bitcoin or gold

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Now is a great time for the accumulation of Bitcoin or gold

According to prominent American businessman and writer Robert Kiyosaki, you should avoid holding money. According to bestsellers author, gold accumulation or Bitcoin accumulation are worth more.


Kiyosaki is not only a skilled trader but also an excellent author of several bestsellers, of which the best known is the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book immediately became a world hit in 1997 and sold over 32 mil. copies. The reason is simple.


Kiyosaki was able to transfer his business experience of wild Western capitalism to paper. He thus predicted the development of the property bussines bubble and, ultimately, how the US government would behave in the new crisis.


Kiyosaki wrote a post on his Twitter social network about how no one should hold fake dollars. Instead, people should try to accumulate as much BTC and physical gold as possible, but it is already a scarce commodity.



Kiyosaki is a long-time critic of economic conditions.

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