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‘Outriders’ Video Game Is Randomly Wiping Player Inventories

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  • Players of the ‘Outriders’ game are suddenly seeing their items inventory completely wiped.
  • The developer of the game is still looking for an explanation of why this is happening while placing mitigations.
  • Users are advised to exit the game immediately if they notice gear disappearing without reason.

Square Enix’s release of the ‘Outriders,’ a co-op role-playing third-person video game, has been very troubled so far, and the latest news that comes from the community isn’t helping turn things around. Apparently, players who spent money and/or time collecting in-game items are logging in to find completely empty inventories.

The wiping happens due to a technical hiccup of some sort that hasn’t been identified yet, but it seems to be more prevalent among players who have reached the game’s later stages.

‘Outriders’ Video Game Is Randomly Wiping Player Inventories
Source: Mashable

This makes the bug even more annoying, as it affects those who have spent much time playing Outriders, seeing their efforts going down the drain. An in-depth review of the game by Vikki Blake called the gear grinding process on the game “tedious,” so this makes the whole situation even worse.

Officially, the game developers announced that they applied some preventive measures on the servers to guard against these peculiar inventory wipes. Still, while these measures reduce the occurrence, they don’t deal with it completely. For now, everyone is still trying to figure out where the nasty flaw lies.

The advice to players is to immediately force-close the game if they notice their gear disappearing. Also, if anyone encounters such a problem, they are urged to report it on Reddit or Steam, and they are promised to have their lost items restored soon. This reporting will help the developers understand what’s causing the issue, enabling them to roll out an effective fix.

For those who lost their gear, it is impossible to get back in the game and enjoy it because they need high-level items to face the enemies the game is throwing at them. ‘Outriders’ is heavily focusing on the aspect of character build, so if inventories aren’t restored fully, it will be very disappointing for the players. Also, the gear of each player was specifically upgraded, so even if high-tier items are restored, they may not have the specific customization that the owner carefully crafted.

In any case, if you were looking to play ‘Outriders,’ you may want to wait for a while for these bugs to get fixed and avoid the unneeded frustration. The same applies to all newly released titles and software in general, so keep that in mind the next time you rush to play something fresh.


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