April 13, 2021


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PS5 will have Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV and Spotify at launch

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PS5 will have Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV and Spotify at launch

The PlayStation 5 will launch with a healthy collection of media streaming apps, to prove this time it will be as capable as a media player as it is a games console.

Indeed, the PS5 Media Remote, available separately, will have shortcut buttons to four services: Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and Spotify.

As well as those, Apple TV and Twitch have been confirmed for launch availability, with the former giving access to TV+ shows, plus any movies and box sets bought from Apple itself.

Additional apps coming to the PlayStation 5 will include Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Peacock and Hulu (depending on region).

There will be a Media space on the PS5 user experience dedicated for media entertainment. You’ll no longer need to download dedicated applications through the PS Store neither.

The PS5 will also have a Control Center to control music playback. And, of course, it is the first Sony console to come with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray deck (on the non-digital edition).

That means you will be able to watch movies at their very best quality, whether that be through streaming or on disc.

The PlayStation 5 Media Remote will be available from the same day as the PS5 itself – 12 November in the US, 19 November in the UK.


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