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Samsung Smart TVs to Support NFTs in 2022

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After launching a cryptocurrency portfolio and its own Metaverse, Samsung decided to bring the blockchain to television. According to an announcement released by the company, Samsung Smart TVs will support non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

THE announcement, released on Jan. 3, unveiled the brand’s upcoming new Smart TV models. Among the updates, Samsung highlights a great “NFT aggregation platform”.

According to the company, the novelty will be available in Microled, Neo Qled and The Frame models. What is known is that the new feature will have several features that will allow customers to view their NFT collections. In other words, it will be possible to display the collections in full size, projecting them on TVs.

However, the model goes far beyond just displaying. Samsung has plans to create an NFT marketplace within each Smart TV.

“This app features an intuitive and integrated platform to discover, buy and trade digital artwork (NFT). The supported models will be the Micro LED, Neo Qled and The Frame”, highlighted the company.

The company did not reveal the exact launch date of the new platform, but this will still occur in 2022.

Giant seeks to innovate and take advantage of the market

As the platform’s name suggests, it will aggregate data from multiple markets and provide information about the artwork like the one who created it and which blockchain network it was created on. Additionally, the user will be able to purchase NFTs directly through televisions.

Thus, the giant aims to become the first electronics company to place NFTs in televisions. This measure aims to take advantage of the rapid expansion of the market and bring innovation at the same time.

With the inclusion of NFTs in Smart TVs, Samsung aims to reach the market of platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible. Simultaneously, the brand can consolidate itself as a leader in a market whose growth was significant in 2021, with the entry of numerous celebrities and global brands.

Athletes, business people, musicians, politicians, and everyone in between started to enter the NFT market, especially with the Bored Apes collection. This attention served to make this market, which already moves values ​​in the range of US$ 2 billion, to explode.

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