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Shiba Inu Token arrives on Gemini and in the meantime, the holders arrive at …

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Also Gemini, the exchange of the famous brothers Winklevoss had to give up. SHIB it is in fact available on the already particularly rich list of the group, which includes many others emerging tokens, to which they were added, together with Shiba Inu Token, also Audius, Mask, Quant And Radicle.

A move that suggests that theexchange of the Winklevoss is ready to follow the path of Coinbase, which announced a new Road map to include as many as possible of token in the course of the end of 2021 and throughout the 2022.

Positive news for Shib, which is maintained even during the weekend abundantly above 0.00005 $, a price that is now a very important support from which it could start developing a new one positive trajectory.

New listing and stable prices: the reading of the current situation of Shiba Inu token

The enthusiasm has subsided a bit around Shiba Inu Token, although this should not be a cause for excessive concern for those who have now entered the market. The price of 0.000050 $ it seems to have taken the form of an important support, which could and should also withstand any new pressures bearish. The listing on Gemini was the reason for this relative vivacity during the weekend? Given the importance of Gemini in the panorama of exchange probably played a role – and not just because of the amount of trade it can guarantee.

The entrance at Gemini – always relatively selective regarding cryptocurrencies from to insert a price list – is a kind of warranty of the fact that the token, at least according to the main intermediaries in the sector, is here to stay. And that even the recent decline from the highs would be nothing more than a physiological correction process.

The Robinhood turnaround is no longer reason to worry for fans who gather around the Shibarmy, also given the large number of listing which were collected from SHIB over the past few weeks. According to Etherscan we are also very close to the million holders – even if some other tracking site has already given the goal as achieved.

Important, a lot. Above all on a symbolic level, a sign that SHIB despite a hype slightly waning over the last few 2 weeks is still able to board new users and holder. The quotes are lending a hand in this regard – and the fact that many did not panic during the correction is, for us who also look at the fundamentals, is another sign that, despite what they say the bears, SHIB still has excellent prospects.

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