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The best browser games 2020: Find free fun without needing to pay

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The best browser games 2020: Find free fun without needing to pay

Good old browser games – if you haven’t dipped your toe into them particularly recently, you might suspect that they’re relics from the internet’s early days, a way to get some free gaming under your belt if you didn’t have an actual console. Well, there are actually quite an impressive range of experiences out there in your browser. 

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That could mean single-player time sinks, or massively multiplayer RPGs that span continents, some with text-based systems and others with impressive art and graphics. Regardless, you can bet on finding a range of great fun in these games.

We’ve listed some of the most fun, unique and compelling options out there for you in this feature, to help you find the perfect way to eat up some time, or indeed to help you discover your next obsession.  

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