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The ideal solution for managing the state’s infrastructure? According to Hoskinson, it’s Cardano!

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Cardano project
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Cryptocurrency are gaining momentum and increasingly showing their unique face in terms of usability. Platform Cardano is a clear example of blockchain technology slowly entering the mainstream.

State administration built on the Cardano network?

According to the co-founder of the ADA network, Charles Hoskinson, the future of state governance is tied to the Cardano blockchain. How will this be possible? According to Hoskinson, the features of this platform are the ideal solution for the administration of a state that faces the problems of the ordinary world.

On the last significant summit Cardano 2021 bold plans that are about to be implemented in the network in the near future have been heard. Hoskinson added that developers are working on a wide range of projects that will be designed to manage the national currency infrastructure.

Blockchain will soon unveil a project that can significantly help governments with technology change.

“You could run a nation state on this type of infrastructure. I assume that this can be done in three to five years. “

Society demands change

According to Hoskinson, people are concerned and long for reform of state institutions. After all, we can see it in our country as well. The state is outdated and not everything works as the 21st century demands.

“People are fundamentally dissatisfied with the governance of public institutions. They want to learn about new systems and management methods. ”

The Cardano project has great prospects after the recently announced plans.

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