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The outage doesn’t matter and I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, says protocol CEO Solana

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Protocol Solana
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If you’re tracking the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis, you certainly haven’t missed a report some time ago about the failure of the Solana network. This negative act at that moment quite significantly affected most investors, which eventually resulted in a huge sale. After a long time, he also commented on this situation for the first time CEO Solany, Anatoly Yakovenko.

Solana protocol outage

The September outage of this network was a rather unprecedented phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrencies. Solana was out of service 17 hours and the whole process took place after being overwhelmed by a huge number of transactions.

At a recent conference Solana Breakpoint commented on the whole situation Network CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko. Asked if the network could ever fail in the future, Yakovenko said:

“I do not know. But it doesn’t matter at all. If there is at least one copy of the ledger, the funds are still safe and the transactions will eventually be processed anyway. “

According to him, it was not even a failure. In fact, it was said to be just an extraordinarily long wait between the individual blocks. Solana was not offline. Only the block was not confirmed for 17 hours.

Speed ​​is crucial

Most users of blockchain networks especially appreciate the speed of completed transactions. And this factor can also be decisive in the case of SOL.

“It’s important for people who really care about delivering messages within 40 milliseconds. So, from the point of view of security for the funds in the state, this is irrelevant. In terms of real use, however, it makes sense, “said Yakovenko.

However, there is no guarantee that this outage will not recur in the future. The network will certainly be at a stage where it will have to process a large number of transactions.

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