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The Power of ‘Power Over Ethernet’!

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Just a thought about the perils that your business or home might have to face when you are not there, frustrates you. At the same moment, another thought that crosses your mind is – the thought of being present at all the places that you care for. Am I right?

Well, the good news is that the modern day technological advancements let you do that! All you need to do is consider installing a security camera with ‘remote-viewing’ feature, which you might have been ignoring up till now.

These days, security cameras come with enhanced features to deliver outstanding protection that you truly deserve. The best choice among the ambit, in my opinion, is PoE based IP security cameras. All thanks to the exceptional advantages that these surveillance cameras extend, more people have started relying on IP security cameras. Their innumerable benefits such as high definition, lower installation cost and easy use, have allowed IP surveillance cameras to take over the traditional analog cameras. The added PoE feature supports plug-and-play setup. PoE is also known to provide extra security without any extra expenses.

Most of the people don’t have an exact idea about the term PoE. In this post, we will throw some light on this very term and its advantages!

What is PoE?

Whenever this term is referred to, a bit of confusion comes along with it. In most simplified form, PoE refers to an advanced technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power. Generally, two connections are required to install a digital security camera -a network connection and a power connection. But a PoE enabled security camera requires only one connection and that is network connection.

Advantages that come along!

This amazing technology has contributed towards the advancements of day to day security, to a large extent. Here are some of the advantages that PoE IP security systems are bundled with:

Saves time and cost: PoE cuts down on the expenses of electrical power cabling by minimizing the number of wires that are required to develop a network. This also results into reduction of hassles that goes into traditional wiring to a great extent. Even you might not have to call for an electrician, when it comes to the installing an IP network camera.

In crux, PoE saves a good share of your money and efforts!

Flexibility: PoE sheds away the constraints of AC power outlet as there is no need to tether PoE security cameras to an electric outlet. This feature attaches a lot of flexibility to these security cameras because now, they can be located where ever they are required the most. And one doesn’t need to worry about the availability of power supply too.

Safety: PoE is a very safe option. It is intelligently designed to tackle the overload. Also, it has the capabilities to protect the network equipment from things like under powering and incorrect installation.

Reliability: PoE is widely deployed in homes and businesses for rendering higher protection. They are capable of providing backup power also.

Simultaneous monitoring: Thanks to PoE IP systems, it has become painless to monitor various screens through a common browser. A single, centrally managed UPS (uninterrupted power supply), can help to manage your building throughout.

Temporary Deployment: PoE IP security cameras become an excellent choice when you need to set up a temporary deployment. These are ideal for construction sites, mobile classrooms, or mobile offices.

There is no wonder that PoE has changed the security for better. It not only provides augmented reliability but enhanced levels of security as well. To put down in few words, this simple technology has revolutionized the complete security industry.

Lee Mark

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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