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The red light token is born – you earn crypto while watching HOT videos …

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The cryptocurrencies to support a program of revenue sharing while watching hot videos? The Italians thought about it and launched, who have created a cryptocurrency on the protocol Waves, which we can earn visiting the site and watching the hot videos.

The vision is worth a token, which we can or withdraw, or use for to unlock the contents premium of the site. A system that ride the wave of cryptocurrencies with a use, we recognize it, definitely original.

An easy to understand mechanism, which can finally make the hours spent with ourselves productive… at least for lovers of the genre. Let’s see together how it works and how it is earned.

How the cryptocurrency-based red light site works it is actually a red light video site like so many others. Most of the videos that are featured are embedded by a famous international site and, thanks to the wonders of the technique, we can view it directly on the platform.

It’s quick – just enter a email address and choose one password to start earning tokens. In a few seconds we will be log in and we will start accumulating virtual tokens.

Just by watching videos. A video is worth 1 token for display. There are, at least for the moment, other ways to earn tokens regardless of the use of the site. A kind of Mission created for make the site more visited, to show off content and also for increase traffic. The patrons are given a token that can be spent, in the ways that we will see, right inside the platform.

There is also the possibility of earning 5 tokens for each comment which is approved by the editors. Which, at least for the moment, we have not been able to test for our readers.

What can we do with the porn token

They are tokens that can have different uses. The quickest is the purchase of premium content – which are directly on the platform and have a variable price – and which generally include the red light divas more in of the moment.

Subsequently, at least according to those who created the project, the tokens can also be used in the shop of the store, which offers Sextoys of different shape and workmanship. Also according to the creators of the project, we will also be able to use them in future to pay webcam shows.

A kind of token for the red light world, which is earned while, after all, we are doing something pleasant, at least for those who love to frequent these types of sites. THE token they can also be withdrawn. We will need a Waves wallet. We enter our wallet address in the screen of withdrawal and upon approval of the transfer, we will receive them at no additional cost.

The tokens, theoretically, could also be sold in the future, which we do not rule out when they can be used for pay for other types of services, always in the field of pornography. Italian genius? There is no doubt whatsoever. And our applause – regardless of the topic dealt with – can only go to those who have exploited the popularity of cryptocurrencies to make… everyone happy!

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