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Thousands of people in El Salvador protested against the Bitcoin law, an angry crowd set fire to a BTC machine

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On Wednesday, there was another protest in El Salvador against the Bitcoin law and the country’s president. The crowd took to the streets of the capital.

Thousands are protesting against the Bitcoin law

Several thousand people gathered to march in the central square of San Salvador and protest against President Nayib Bukel himself, the AP News agency reported. Protesters claimed that Bukele had too much power in his hands and that he had weakened the independence of the courts. These protesters are strongly opposed to his bid for re-election in 2024.

In addition, they oppose the decision to make BTC legal tender, as many have expressed by saying “no BTC” on their T-shirts or carrying “no dictatorship” signs and “we have been deceived by BTC.” Protesters were also angered by Chivo’s ongoing wallet problems. The app is still crippled by the number of users trying to take advantage of the $ 30 BTC bonus issued by the government to each account.

Bukele recently admitted that launching a new system within three months is too challeging and says the bugs are already being fixed. He further claimed that a number of technical problems of the Chivo wallet had already been 95% solved, while the remaining problems would be solved “in the next few days”. Bukele said two days ago that Chivo has more than half a million users, or about 8% of the country’s population.

During this last protest, at least one Chivo ATM was set on fire, with slogans written against Bukele and the BTC on its cabinet.

El Salvador adopted the BTC as the legal tender of the BTC on September 7, and the government proposed more than 200 amendments to the constitution, including lifting the ban on the re-election of the president.

“The time has come to defend democracy,” said protesting Supreme Court Justice Sidney Blanc. “This march is symbolic, we are frustrated with so many violations of the constitution.”

According to opposition MP Claudia Ortiz:

“BTC was a very big economic decision and the process was carried out completely illogically, the proposal was sent to Congress and approved on the same day. We are going through a deep fiscal crisis with high living costs and unemployment, and the government’s response, instead of a serious economic policy, is to accept BTC as legal tender. ”

She then added that it was not clear who was behind the vandalism. Bukele claims that there is no doubt that they were demonstrators, not “infiltrators”.

According to recent polls in El Salvador, most Salvadorans were opposed to BTC becoming the official currency. And there are more and more dissatisfied people, why? For example, given President Bukele’s statement assuring the world that the adoption of BTC will be voluntary and free to use, although the law clearly states its mandatory adoption and BTC transactions must be subject to a fee.

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