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Understand Mystery Behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s Supposed Birthday

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The 13-year history of Bitcoin is marked by historic dates. However, most of them are linked to events that took place on the network, not people.

In this sense, feats such as the mining of the genesis block (January 3) or the first transaction of a good for BTC (June 22) are widely remembered. But there are few dates that honor individuals. And April 5th is one of them, as it marks the supposed birthday of the creator of BTC.

Yes, it is supposed to, because the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is so shrouded in mystery that even this information is controversial. On the one hand, April 5, 1975 is one of the few personal pieces of information there is about Satoshi. On the other hand, the date is so surrounded by coincidences that many believe that he was not really born on that day.

Check out the mysteries behind the 5th of April and its historical importance.

Satoshi’s only public information

As stated at the beginning of the text, Satoshi has always cherished anonymity, so little is known about him. The date of April 5, 1975 is only known because Satoshi put it as his birth date on the forum P2P Foundation. The site was one of the places where he announced the creation of BTC back in 2008.

That is, according to this information, the creator of BTC turns 47 this Tuesday . But since Satoshi is a pseudonym, it is likely that the date is also false. As the forum required a date of birth, perhaps Satoshi chose this date just to be able to register.

However, what if that’s not the case? What if the date is indeed false, but Satoshi chose it for some hidden purpose?

Date meaning

It is an undeniable fact that Satoshi Nakamoto has a passion for symbolic messages. The famous English newspaper headline The Times used in the genesis block shows this. By including that message, Satoshi left a message as to why BTC was created and launched.

In that sense, his supposed date of birth also sends a message. In reality, two different messages, although connected to each other. The day and month reference an event in 1933, while the year references another event.

The date of April 5th is a very significant date in US monetary history. On that day in 1933, the US government issued Executive Order 6102. The order, issued by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, made the private ownership or “hoarding” of gold currency a crime.

This order also mandated that people hand over their gold to banks. Anyone who disobeys the order could pay a fine of $10,000 (a small fortune in 1933) or spend ten years in prison. People could only save small amounts of gold – under $100 at the time – for use in industrial business or some other exceptions.

Under Order 6102, the possession of gold by US citizens became illegal in practice. They could have gold jewelry and ornaments, but they could not buy it for investment purposes. The ban came to an end only under the presidency of Gerald Ford, who revoked the order.

And guess what year it happened? Exactly: 1975. The same year that Satoshi put as his birth year.

That is, Satoshi was born on the day and month that the US carried out the confiscation and ban on the possession of gold – and the year that ban was lifted. Whether it’s a massive coincidence or a well-planned reference, there’s no way of knowing.

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