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Xbox 360 Errors Are Fixable

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Are those Xbox 360 errors getting tiring? Well, you are in for a surprise because you don’t necessarily have to throw that Xbox out, some of those errors can be fixed, if you know how. The Red Ring of Death and the E74 errors are the most common and the most fixable errors on the Xbox 360.

These errors appear when you do a reboot of the system. To better explain, lets use an example: You are playing your game and suddenly it freezes, there is no way to unfreeze it except by re-starting the Xbox, but when you restart, you get an error message.

Red Ring of Death Error: This is a GPU fail error but it may not be a fatal one. In other words the Graphics Processing Unit has a mal-function. Several things could cause this malfunction. This could be caused by the thermal paste disintegrating causing the chip to become loose on the mother board. Another reason it fails is because the GPU starts to touch another chip on the motherboard causing the fail. Many people try the towel trick but this should be avoided because it could cause the system to heat up and cause further damage to the chip or the motherboard. Really, the best thing you can do is learn how to repair your those Xbox 360 errors, or just to go ahead and bite the bullet, and send it in to Microsoft.

The other common error is the E74 Xbox 360 errors, which are somewhat easier to fix than the Red Ring of Death. There are only three things that can cause this error and they can easily be fixed. First you could have an A/V cable loose or not inserted correctly. Disconnect it and wipe the metal part with a dry soft cloth and replace it. This is the easiest way to repair the problem and hopefully fix it.

Otherwise this could mean the ANA/HANA chip has come loose or the GPU has malfunctioned as in the Red Ring of Death. Your Xbox warranty does not cover this failure and the only option you have is to either learn to fix it yourself or send it in to Microsoft and pay over $100 for the repair.

Don’t worry, there are ways to fix these errors yourself and this costs much less. All you have to do is follow the repair steps and you are well on your way to getting those Xbox 360 errors fixed.

Alex Tyler

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